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QuickStore is the online store that brings together developers of FPGA Accelerators and IP blocks providers.

Developers can build FPGA accelerators - without hardware or FPGA expertise - by using the QuickPlay software defined FPGA development tool flow and leveraging the Plug&Play IP blocks available in QuickStore provided by a growing selection of Accelize Ecosystem members.


Log in and explore our growing catalog of 3rd Party FPGA IP Blocks - that enable the development and deployment of FPGA Accelerators in record time.
Also explore the various FPGA platforms on which you can seamlessly deploy your FPGA Accelerators using QuickPlay.


Browse the various FPGA IP blocks available from our 3rd Party IP provider partners. Review their specifications and usage price to select the best IP block for yoru Accelerator design.


Build your own FPGA accelerator in QuickPlay using the various IP blocks available, and don't pay for any upfront cost (QuickPlay or IP blocks). Only pay for IP Blocks when the Accelerator gets used (meaning when you run the Accelerator, or when it is sold/used on Accelstore)  

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